Fansipan Trekking Tour Getting Favoured Among Tonnes of Tourists to Vietnam

Why trekking Fansipan?

Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam, which runs across above the mountain range of Hoang Lien Son in the far north of the country. The trek means misty bamboo forests and golden rice terraces, sometimes up and above the clouds. You can also have a trekking in Sapa Vietnam, mingling with diverse hill tribe members and experiencing some truly incredible mountain scenery.
Fansipan trekking tour

Though the Fansipan trekking tour doesn’t require any technical skill, you can still find it quite challenging on several tricky routes.

There are three different route options for you to choose, suitable for your level of skill and time:
  • - Easiest: You Vietnam adventure activities start at Trạm Tôn, which is at 1900 meters. This level offers a gradual climb and it can take you about 10 hours to finish and reach the peak.
  • - Moderate: The trip is taken along San Sả Hồ to Bản Sín Chải. In this level, you will be met up some scrambling around obstacles, which is quite more challenging than the first level. You will have to endure a total of 12 hours before reaching the top. 
  • - Difficult: This level starts from Cát Cát Village. Though this trip is most difficult, you will be served with exotic scenery and several obstacles. After the trekking of around 18 hours, you will get to the summit. 
Fansipan trekking tour

Any level will be worth choosing. And it is advisable for you to have a guide who can give you guidance on where to go, help you carry supplies, and offer cultural insights that would otherwise be missed. 

Tips for safe and memorable trip

The ideal time for you to take a trekking tour in Fansipan is from April to May due to warm weather and bloom flowers. From October to May is a good choice, too; but you should get prepared for the cold and foggy weather. The period from June to September is not advisable because it’s very rainy and wet, which makes it dangerous to trek.
Some essentials to bring with you:
  • • Warm clothes: In the mountains, it is quite cold at nights, especially during months of winter - but even during the summer, it can get cold, too. 
  • • Boots: Sometimes, it can be wet and slippery during your trekking in Fansipan mountain Vietnam. So, you should bring a pair of boots to keep your feet dry. Sturdy, non-slip boots like rubber ones is a good choice.
  • • Lots of water, dry food, matches, and a flashlight are also needed.
  • • GPS devices or apps are advisable to prepare so that you can find the way more easily and make sure that your bearings kept in a safe condition.
Fansipan trekking tour

Additional tips:
  • • All belongings should be compact, light and just sufficient for the trek and to avoid unnecessary burden
  • • Clothing should be loose to make it easy for long treks
  • • Always stick to the group or local porters in a case of assistance, don’t deviate.
  • • Keep a good stable pace, no need to rush in any case. If you are ahead of the group,
  • • slow down and wait for the company.
  • • Always provide yourself enough energy from the meals, particularly breakfast.

For situations in which you get lost

If you get lost, you should fetch an area which is flat and high enough to set up a fire as a signal of help. Try to find some fresh wood to make as much smoke as possible.
Fansipan trekking tour

Another option is to keep following along streams so that you might reach water sources where it is very likely to see some other people.

Some parts of Fansipan trekking tour can put you in a difficult situation so you must get thorough preparation and caution. This can help you have a truly memorable experience climbing to the ‘Roof of Indochina.’ Take a guide, make some memories, and see a new piece of the world! Happy trekking! 

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