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Best Times and Best Outdoor Activities in Vietnam to Be Suggested for Tourists

Though Vietnam was slow to develop its huge potential as an outdoor adventure destination, things have really changed in the last few years. Apart from trekking in the mountainous north, visitors can now also go rock–climbing, canyoning, sea kayaking or kitesurfing, among other activities, making outdoor activities in Vietnam awesome than ever.

Vietnam Adventure Tours to Be Spent on Top Festivals for Tourists

Festivals in Vietnam offer visitors the best opportunity for getting up close and personal with the myths, customs and fun-loving spirit of this proud nation. There are also plenty of cultural events that are only celebrated during certain times of the year (or years), so you’ll never know when one decides to pop up during Vietnam adventure tours.

Best Vietnam Travel Guides for a Trip to Dien Bien

Dien Bien is a border mountainous province in the northwestern region, which is 500km from Hanoi capital; Lai Chau province is bordered to the north, Son La province to the east and northeast, Yunnan province of China to the northwest; and Laos to the west and southwest. Coming to Dien Bien is coming to nature, visiting a historical place with proud victory in the Vietnam War. This article is going to mention top best Vietnam travel guides when visiting Dien Bien for all tourists.

Top Six Reasons for Having an Attractive Active Travel Vietnam

According to the website Lifehack (a famous website which often gives out some comments, suggestions to help people improve their life standard): “Vietnam is the country to bring to you unforgettable experiences. It is where you can look for relaxing holidays on the beach, or interesting outdoor exploring activities.” Indeed, coming to an active travel Vietnam, you will definitely love its sights, people and peace, which is proved clearly by the following particular reasons.

Fansipan Trekking Tour Getting Favoured Among Tonnes of Tourists to Vietnam

If you are a truly adventurous traveler, Fansipan trekking tour must be on the top of your list. Fansipan has its brand as “the Roof of Indochina” with the height of 3,143m. Despite its roughness, wetness and cold, the scenery is really rewarding. If your body is in good condition and you are well equipped, then the top is accessible after a trekking time of 5-8 hours.

Best Beaches for Your Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam Adventure Tours

Across South East Asia mainland, there is a variety of exotic beaches for an enjoyable summer vacation. Here are some of the best choices if you are taking Myanmar, Thailand or Vietnam adventure tours.

Unique Experiences Only Available in Fansipan Legend for Vietnam Tour Deals

Have you decided the next destination for your Vietnam tour deals in the forthcoming holiday? Fansipan is exactly a good choice for every tourist in this early summer. Let me list here some most interesting things that you can experience during a memorable trip to Fansipan. It is well known for being the “rooftop of Indochina”, with a marvelous architecture work constructed by the top 5 engineer in the world. Once coming to Fansipan, you can also for the first time, experience the modern triple core cable system, which breaks two world records, or watches the legendary Muong Hoa valley from a high altitude, etc. There are a lot of other things that only Fansipan tour can bring to you.

Trekking Fansipan Mountain in Sapa Tours - Plan and Advices

If you are going to Sapa never forget trekking Fansipan mountain. I'm sure that it could be the most unforgettable memory of your tours with the mighty mountains poking through the clouds and the feeling like you are on the top of the world. 

But now, I will give you some experience of me who have been trekking Fansipan mountain more than once. Also this is available on my Vietnam travel guide


Sapa is a mountainous area, belonging to Lao Cai province of Viet Nam. Thanks to stunning scenery, Sapa is really fascinating to many travelers and photographers. However, because Sa Pa is located in northwestern Viet Nam, a remote region, so traveling to Sa Pa will take a lot of time. If you want to save your time, you can choose an overnight train from Ha Noi to Lao Cai.


Sapa is an adventure heaven for trek lovers travelling to Vietnam. And Muong Hoa valley is the most stunning valley in Sapa that hides itself behind the shadow of layered Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Things should Do with Private Tours to Vietnam

You are planing tours to Vietnam? So...Where to start? What must include and what can pass? That is general questions for all plans. We classify some most common travel purposes in which we suggest some must-done activities accordingly. You are planning a private Vietnam tour, so check it out and add whatever you want to your tour

One day is possible if you are fit

Climbing Fansipan is great fun and a nice accomplishment. While you should not take it lightly, if you are prepared it can be very satisfying.

SaPa, Vietnam - a natural mosaic

Boasting sublime unspoiled beauty, from rolling verdant hills to spectacular terraced fields, Sa Pa is a mix of natural wonder.

Four seasons in Sapa, Vietnam

The four seasons are distinctly felt in Sa Pa when Nature changes her costume. Spring in the season of pear, peach and plum flowers. Summer comes blooming with Gladioli, Pancies, Dahlias, Sun-flowers and numerous temperate fruits.

Local tour guides provide an insight into the real Sa Pa, Vietnam

It’s a strange land that leaves me with different feelings whenever I come to rediscover it.Sa Pa is an incredibly picturesque town in the Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range near the Chinese border in northwestern Viet Nam, 350km from Ha Noi.

Conquering Fansipan Vietnam to be the champion

Fansipan is the highest peak of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, so it is called the “Roof of Indochina” while the local people call it Huasipan, which means large tottering rock.

When to travel Sapa Vietnam

Travelers to Sapa in summer can feel the climate of four seasons in one day. In the morning and afternoon, it is cool like the weather of spring and autumn. At noon, it is as sunny and cloudless as the weather of summer. And it is cold in the evening.

Sapa Overview

This article offers main Sapa travel information, including Sapa history, Sapa travel tips, weather and ethnic minority people such as H’mong, Dzao etc… And other helpful guide likes orientation, maps, internet access, money, post.

Sights & Activities in Sapa

Guide for traveling around Sapa. You can trek Mt. Fansipan – the highest peak in Vietnam, trek to Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van, Sin Chai villages,  or visit the incredible Tram Ton Pass. Check the article out for more details.

Sleeping in Sapa

Hotels are popping up like mushrooms around Sapa. Luckily the mushroom mantra of ‘keep them in the dark and feed them shit’ that applies to the attitude of so many budget hotels in Hanoi is not common here. 

Eating in Sapa

Most of the busier hotels have reasonably priced cafes, which get more popular as the weather worsens. There’s a string of popular restaurants worth checking out below the market on Tue Tinh Str as you head in the direction of Cat Cat village.

Drinking & Entertainment in Sapa

Considering the number of travelers to Sapa, organized entertainment is relatively scarce and the bar scene slow. For most, an evening out is the guesthouse balcony, particularly when the fog rolls in.

Shopping in Sapa

Sapa is emerging as the top shopping destination in the mountainous north. Most items are clothing, accessories and jewellery produced by the multitude of minority in the area. More recently some Vietnam designers have also been getting in on the producing clothes and household t inspired by tribal motifs and patterns. Check out some of the stores on Pho Cau May the best selection of designer gear.

Getting Sapa & Away and Getting Around

Sapa, proximity to the border region makes it a possible first or last stop for travelers crossing between Vietnam and China. 

Hill-tribe markets in Sapa area

Nothing can prepare you for the riot of color and activity at the regional minority markets that can be found dotted around the Sapa region. Make sure you’ve brought enough film or your camera’s batteries are fully charged, as they are a photographer’s delight!

Getting the most out of Sapa travel

Located in the northwestern mountains of the country, Sapa is a modest town nestled within the Hoang Lien Son mountain range in Lao Cai Province. Sapa is an excellent destination to enjoy outdoor activities with stunning landscapes that attract both domestic and foreign tourists.

Active Travel Asia makes the difference in Vietnam with “Sapa Trekking tours and homestay”

Luxury Travel Vietnam is not only stay in luxury standard hotels and enjoys international food in expensive restaurants, Active Travel Asia (ATA) recommend travelers different luxury tour with trekking trip and homestay in Sapa, Vietnam.

Rice and warm in the north (Sapa trekking tours & ecolodge, Vietnam)

Real silence. This is my early morning thought on the balcony of a stone cabin perched atop a peak in north Vietnam. On a nearby mountain, hand-carved rice terraces spill down into the valley and farther away there are chiselled ranges that will change colour and texture as the sun moves across a giant sky. Then I hear the distant chatter of women passing the cabin on their way to breakfast, the first sounds I've heard since dinner last night.

Sapa’s terraced fields in Vietnam suggested for world heritage recognition

The northern mountainous province of Lao Cai has proposed the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism ask for UNESCO’s recognition of Sapa’s terraced fields as a world heritage.

"Vanity Fairs" in North Highland Vietnam

North Vietnam is the habitat of many ethnic peoples. Most of them often gather for market weekly or monthly. Market place is not only for selling and buying things but for meeting, enjoying or even looking for life partners. Market day is also the date of festival where they will show the most beautiful costumes and best reflects cultural activities. The most well known markets to tourists when traveling to Vietnam are Bac Ha and Sapa markets

Tips for many Visiting minority villages in Sapa

Behind Halong Bay, Sapa is the second most favourite spot for almost travelers when arrive Vietnam.
With the unique climate in Sapa, you are always be put in the frequent rain storms as well as cloudy condition so you need prepare for your happy trekking!

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