Things should Do with Private Tours to Vietnam

Things should do for private Vietnam Tours

You are planing tours to Vietnam? So...Where to start? What must include and what can pass? That is general questions for all plans. We classify some most common travel purposes in which we suggest some must-done activities accordingly. You are planning a private Vietnam tour, so check it out and add whatever you want to your tour

For general traveling purpose

That means you want to see Vietnam in most general ways or we often call classic Vietnam tours. This is an average mix of all culture, nature and relax holidays to a new country that you have never been to, so the suggestion will be: - Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city tour allow you to see a modern Vietnam in rapid development - Halong bay with a night on boat to immerse inside the stunning natural beauty of the majestic bay - Hoi an Ancient town - a port town dating back to 16th century with 400 years old houses, ancient pagodas, amazing mix of culture from Japan, China and Vietnam. Plus with a beautiful, crystal beach and romantic river charmingly twisting along the main streets of the town

Things should to in Vietnam private tours 2

- Mekong Delta area tour. A vast delta by giant Mekong downstream offers unique lifestyle on water. You will boat on river to visit floating market, homestay and taste the most fresh fruits of tropical country

For active travel to Vietnam:

That plan often focuses more in experience in Vietnam while not requires very much physical activities. The tours will include some easy physical activities with some relaxing days. Here is our ideas: - Hanoi city tour on bikes and Ho Chi Minh city tour on Vespa. Vietnam is the country of personal transport mode where bikes and especially motorbike are used most. There is no better way to see those cities on their most favorite mode of transport by locals - Easy hiking trek to Sapa - a mountain town under the shadow of Fansipan - the peak of Indochina peninsula. Here you can access to ethnic villages, hiking to small trails and hide away from modern world - Kayaking in Halong bay - access to the area that no big cruises or motorized boats can come is definitely nice experiences Things should do in vietnam private tours - Biking in Hue to get out of the city to hidden house in ancient, quiet villages - Farming and Cooking class in Hoi an - Try to be a farmer in a day then enjoy lunch with local host with dishes cooked by yourself. - Biking and homestay in Mekong delta to areas even never touching by mass tourism

For water activities and beach lovers

Vietnam has hundred of rivers and over 1000km of coastline. We offer countless water related activities as well as total relaxing beach holidays. We also see our customers attaching with water and beach. So here our list for those sharing common hobby. - Halong bay cruise with kayaking. The cruise trip can be extended to 3 days or even more if you took charter booking - Hue river cruise then biking along Perfume River then ending up at a local house for a stay - Hoi an beach relax with full spa treatment

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- Nha trang beach - the top beach of the world with hundred water activities such as scuba diving, cruising, water motor ride, wind surfing, water Theme park, BBQ on beach at night ect - Mekong river cruise with a night on board. Depend on your interest the cruise can extend up to 7 nights and reach to Siem reap, Cambodia

For true adventure Vietnam plans

This list below is not for regular travelers. But this will be ideal for adventure lovers. Hiking up and down mountain, riding on vehicles not many travelers tried, reaching to places not even reached by locals, staying in very basic camping tents inside caves ect. However, in the turn back, they will get memories that no one has ever spent in Vietnam: - Homestay and conquer Fansipang peak in Sapa. This is a real challenge require you very good physical level as well as passion of mountain climbing - Motorbiking from East to West North of Vietnam where the trails twist and turn suddenly. However, the experience and scenery will be definitely top of the world

Things should to in Private Vietnam tours

- Biking or Motorbiking along Ho Chi Minh Trail - the legendary trail to Vietnam history now become the most favorite challenge to riders - Cave trekking and Camping in Phong Nha - Son doong cave tour. No many words needed. The name of Son Doong tells it all. The biggest, most stunning cave of the world will be the promise for true adventure in Vietnam. The camping can vary from 3 up to 6 days - Homestay and Biking in Mekong delta. The geographic features of this area is not require much of physical level but the local life and interaction will make your Vietnam tour a true culture adventure
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