Trekking Fansipan Mountain in Sapa Tours - Plan and Advices

1. Preparation 

The preparation is really important for your Fansipan trekking tour. There are something you should take a note below. 

Weather: it is a gamble. You cannot previous how the weather could be before you go on Fansipan tour. So don't get your hope up of a fantastic view from the top. 
trekking Fansipan
On the way head to the top of mt Fansipan – Photo by Trisan

The track: You must read some comment mention the danger of the track to Fansipan mountain. But don't need to worry. I'm sure that the track is not dangerous as you think. Their track has been well trodden and you can place your feet and hands on the secure part while you are climbing. If you don't rush or do anything stupid, you will hardly injure yourself in your mt Fansipan trek. 

Hotel: I recommend you to book Sapa tours with your hotel to get the best deal. As my research, you have to pay about $50-$80 per person for one night. The more member in your group, the more money you can save. 
You also can book your hotel with a charity called "Sapa Chau". The price is $150 per person. The money you pay will send a large amount to charity. Think carefully if you love the charity and want to make the poor get a better life. 
Clothing/equipment: Don’t forget to bring walking boots or the good quality trainer on your hiking Fansipan Vietnam. Moreover, you should bring waterproofs and a spare set. If you go on tour, the tour guide will give you sleeping bag and foods but it is more comfortable if you can bring your own sleeping bag and foods in your trekking Fansipan. 

2.  Trekking plan

I know there are many people really love trekking but they have tried once because they think they are not fit to complete the climb. Forget it. If you don't get any trouble with your health and your doctor don't prohibit you from participating in strong sports, it is ok for you to join trekking Fansipan mountain Vietnam. I do not get a strong health because I used to smoke and drink heavily and don't do any exercise but I still can climb to the top of Fansipan more than once. 

The trekking should be two days to not only have more time to enjoy the weather and view but also help you to have a chance to camp overnight in the jungle. That must be very awesome when you can join other travelers and talk about trips, mountains, roads,... 
trekking Fansipan
Night campfire in Fansipan trekking – Photo by Seniha

Day 1: It takes a few hours to walking and then settles down at base your camp for the overnight sleep in the jungle. I recommend you should make a fire and enjoy the night with other travelers when hiking Fansipan mountain.
Maybe you had known but I have to tell you again. There are no showers or any other home comforts there. There is just a larger shed for you to sleep on wooden floor boards. That sounds not too good but when you are half asleep and tired after trekking, it is enough for you to sleep. Don't stay too late, you have to save your energy for the next day. 
trekking Fansipan
The top of mountain Fansipan Vietnam – Photo by Vietfun

Day 2: You just need to trek for about two hours to reach the top of Fansipan mountain Sapa. It is the most awesome landscape I've explored. Where the mountain is rounded by the cloud in front of you eyes, the fresh air flow right into your lungs. You not only take in the views but also have the sense of achievement after a long road.  
Take a short time enough for enjoying the views and relax. Then come back home, you will be back home by 4 pm. 
I hope my plan and experience must be useful for your trekking Fansipan mountain. 

Enjoy your trip !

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