"Vanity Fairs" in North Highland Vietnam

Bac Ha Market Stunning Costumes of an ethnic girl at market North Vietnam is the habitat of many ethnic peoples. Most of them often gather for market weekly or monthly. Market place is not only for selling and buying things but for meeting, enjoying or even looking for life partners. Market day is also the date of festival where they will show the most beautiful costumes and best reflects cultural activities. The most well known markets to tourists when traveling to Vietnam are Bac Ha and Sapa markets

Bac Ha Market

Bac Ha market is very well known in the area for its color painted to local hill tribe people. Many ethnics such as: Flower Hmong, Phu La, Black Dzao, Tay and Nung…all gather here to sell their homemade products as corn wine, handicraft… as well as an animals. Bac Ha hosts the biggest fair near the mountainous highlands and the Chinese border every Sunday. It is the largest and most colorful market in the area and attracts throngs of villagers from the surrounding hill tribes. Almost people have to walk for some hours to get to the market and trade or barter food, animals, clothes and household goods. About 80km from Sapa, Bac Ha Market is not simply a place for buy and sell but also an opportunity for people from different ethnicity to come and meet, for relatives to reunite after a long time missing, for women to demonstrate their beautiful handmade traditional costumes and even for youngsters to find their dates. To reach the market, many ethnic vendors have to walk a long distance passing mountains and hills. Yet the distance has never discouraged them from joining the Sunday colorful market.

Sapa Market

Sapa is one of the famous destination highly recommended for Vietnam active tours, opening the world of ethnic minorities' culture. One of distinctive cultural features here is the love market which takes place every Saturday night. Sapa market A mall selling dolls at market In the love market, they exchange goods trade and look for a suitable partner in love. People living in the far mountain villages have to go in advance on Saturday to be able to join it, even when they come from many ethnics. Markets are the social melting pot of the community. The tribal women would bring in and display handicrafts in a show of weaving or dressmaking skill. Beside, he gentlemen would bring their musical instruments. The displays and performances would ignite a spark of interest between the men and women, boys and girls, and like that you could meet the love of your life. A sort of tribal version of e-harmony. Joining tours in Vietnam and you have chance to reach Sapa, Bac Ha and Lang Son, the markets will be the worthy-visit place which should not be missed by you!
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